Richard Horowitz HeadshotRichard Horowitz, President and Co-Founder of Horowitz & Firestone Management Brokers, Inc., is recognized as an effective mentor and teacher to young individuals. Richard Horowitz has personally worked with hundreds and hundreds of young people throughout the years, helping them overcome obstacles and hardships in life, no matter how big or small they may be. Having been in the insurance industry since his graduation from Pepperdine University in 1970, Richards credits selling life insurance for a majority of his ability to mentor others. He believes that if you can help a person to understand life insurance, you can help them understand anything. Instead of trying to convince people to make certain decisions, Richard Horowitz Life Insurance understands that it is best to let them come to their own conclusions and acts as a guiding hand along the way. He believes in providing the people he works with and coaches with the confidence and self esteem that they need to be great on their own.

Richard Horowitz is incredibly dedicated to his work in mentorship, and has made sure to incorporate mentoring into all aspects of his life. He believes there is no greater gift in life than to share and spread your knowledge. Along with his duties owning a life insurance company, Richard Horowitz is the North American President of Aish HaTorah, a Jerusalem-based Jewish educational and outreach organization. Richard Horowitz Life Insurance received the Jewish American Heritage Award, presented in the United States capitol, for both his and his wife’s dedication to Jewish education. He also serves as the Vice President of the Association of Jewish Outreach Professionals and is a chairman on Ashramu, an organization that focuses on particular qualities of life to help people lead happier lives. Starting at Aish HaTorah, Richard Horowitz became a mentor running three different programs in Israel and offered various members in the community free trips to Israel in order to be better equated with their spiritual lives and the Torah.

Now, Richard Horowitz Life Insurance is involved in a multitude of meetings throughout the year to mentor young adults ages 18-32 and help them find meaning and passion in their lives. He not only caters to their spiritual life, but sometimes focuses on their professional lives and other issues they may have, finding ways to best achieve their priorities in life after figuring out what they are. Richard Horowitz believes that the most important step to successfully mentoring someone is confidence building.

In addition to being a leading mentor in the Jewish community, Richard Horowitz Life Insurance teaches marriage and relationship counseling classes for the program Happy Wife, Happy Life, founded by his close friend and coworker, Marc Firestone Life Insurance. Richard Horowitz teaches men both in groups and individually about how to have a happy, healthy marriage – focusing on effective communication, respect, and taking appropriate actions to ensure wives are happy in all aspects of their life. Richard has been happily married to his wonderful wife Beverly for over 45 years, and gives full credit to her for all of his successes in life.